Traffic & DUI

Traffic and DWI

Mr. Price has served as a Public Defender in his local Municipal Court for many years. This was the best training ground for learning the nuances of local criminal and traffic law. Mr. Price also has a tremendous history of representing private clients in Municipal Courts all over the State.

The reality of New Jersey’s Municipal Court system is that it is extremely difficult for a citizen to receive a fair shake. The local judges tend to treat the testimony of local police officers with high regard. However, there is hope. Mr. Price is not afraid to fight the prosecutor or the police to get you the best outcome. They have the burden of proof. They have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did it, and intended to do it. Often, an expert report can provide much-needed support for the arguments and positions that Mr. Price is advocating.

The reports, along with other strategies, can help secure the total dismissal of your charges, if not a significant downgrade in a plea deal. You can count on Mr. Price to provide you with the best possible defense in your Municipal Court (traffic/criminal/DWI) case.

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