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The sale or purchase of real estate is a major transaction filled with countless pitfalls, legalities, regulations, negotiations, and other significant requirements. Think about it this way…this firm charges a fee well below the real estate agents’ commissions to make sure that (a) you are protected, and (b) the deal is handled correctly at every level. Unless you are highly experienced in real estate transactions, or you are a licensed real estate agent/broker, you should always have a lawyer handle your transaction. It is money well-spent.

Mr. Price has over fifteen years of experience handling transactions and certain types of litigation in New Jersey. Mr. Price has served on a local planning board, Commissioner of an Environmental Commission, and currently serves as the Presiding Commissioner of a County Board that decides the value of the land taken for eminent domain.

Mr. Price offers personal representation and affordable rates to represent you and guide you in the following matters:

  • Residential Real Estate (purchases or sales)
  • Commercial Real Estate (purchases or sales)
  • Leasing real estate (residential or commercial)
  • Document preparation (contracts, leases, deeds, affidavits, etc.)
  • Partition Actions

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