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Criminal Defense Attorney in Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May Counties

Mr. Price has always handled Criminal cases along with his Family Law caseload. Mr. Price was attracted to law because of his passion for the United States Constitutional Law, and New Jersey Constitutional Law. Mr. Price believes in a government that is limited in its ability to take liberty and property from the People. Mr. Price believes that the State has an absolute and high burden of proof, and he holds the State to that burden every time, taking into consideration the evidence and risks of trial.

There is no mistaking an attorney who brings the fight to the prosecution. There are attorneys who treat criminal cases passively, waiting for the next court date and hoping for a good plea offer. Mr. Price knows that the best plea deals come after you show the State that their case is flawed and they would lose their case if a lengthy trial was held. Pre-indictment motions and other aggressive efforts, when used properly, at the immediate outset of criminal exposure, have served clients well in limiting their exposure before their case even makes it into the system.

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