Divorce Law

Divorce Law

Getting divorced has been labeled one of the top three most stressful experiences anyone can experience. When there are children involved, it is even worse. The clients usually come to Mr. Price with emotional and financial emergencies. Sometimes, the case starts because of recently discovered infidelity, domestic violence, or even child abuse and criminal charges. There is no substitute for experienced counsel in these times of chaos. You need experienced counsel who will “tell it to you straight”.

The ideal situation occurs when a person hires Mr. Price to plan and initiate a divorce. In this situation, certain steps can be taken to make the process easier and more efficient. However, roughly half the time, clients are being served divorce papers without advance planning, or, their hand has been forced to file for divorce immediately because of emergencies caused by a recent event. Mr. Price knows the court system at every level. He knows where to file, what to ask for, and how to get in front of a judge as soon as possible with the best presentation for your case. He does not mince words. He is extremely experienced at oral argument and negotiation.

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